Create sophisticated themes for JSCookMenu within minutes!

JSCookMenu is a popular JavaScript menu component written by Heng Yuan

Visually design your themes adding gradiently filled backgrounds, fonts, borders, custom images and simple shapes
Themes can be exported in both the generic original form and packaged in a jar-archive for Tapestry JSCookMenu
This is open source software released under the Apache Software License
System Requirements: Windows XP and Java >= 1.5
Generated themes look the same in all major rendering engines (Opera, FF, MSIE, Konqueror) and with all HTML-document formats.
I tested with MSIE7-rc1 as well: All seems fine!
However I still had no chance to test with Safari.

Please submit bug reports, feedback or the like to the Tapestry JSCookMenu project.
Important : The tool creates themes for a slightly modified version of JSCookMenu. So, if you are using themes created by this tool, the original 'JSCookMenu.js' by Heng Yuan must be replaced by the file 'JSCookMenu-mod.js', that comes with the distribution.

Change Log

Version 0.81

Version 0.9